Extra Strong Nail Glue (15 Gram X 1 Bottle) With Brush For Acrylic Tips Extra Strong Nail Glue For Stick On Fake Nails

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MUST-HAVE NAIL ESSENTIAL: Apply your false nails using this brush-on...
  • 15 Gram X 1 Bottle
  • 2 Gram X 10 Bottles


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MUST-HAVE NAIL ESSENTIAL: Apply your false nails using this brush-on acrylic nail glue, which delivers long-lasting staying strength for acrylic nails that no other conventional false nail glue can provide. This nail glue for super durable acrylic tips is an excellent addition to your acrylic nail kit. EASY TO USE BUILT-IN BRUSH: Professional brush on nail glue bonds quickly, Its Built-in brush allows fine precision and even distribution on natural and artificial nails. Apply a thin coating and you're set. Instead of pulling off or harming the nails, soak in the acetone polish until the glue dissolves. HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: This nail glue for broken nails is a high-quality mix of ingredients that will easily bind and heal your nails without harming natural nails. It is small enough to fit in your usual makeup kit. It can be used for a number of purposes, from applying acrylics to decorating with beads or ornaments. DURABLE & QUICK DRY SUPER GLUE: Nail glue extra strong for nails for women bonds natural and artificial nails, instantly. Its quick-drying formula allows it to last about 3-4weeks you don't need to change your fake nails frequently, it’s perfect for both nail repair and artificial nail application. WARM NOTE: Please wait around 5 seconds for the false nail glue to dry. To help the glue last longer, make sure there are no air bubbles or water on your nails for at least an hour after applying nail glue. Also, keep it far away from your children and pets to avoid unnecessary danger. If skin bonds, do not pull; instead, soak in warm water or a glue remover and carefully peel apart. FIXXIE is a brand that symbolizes matchless proficiency, expertise, and innovation. With a customer-centric vision, FIXXIE prioritises strategies to ensure customer satisfaction in every way possible. Keeping the vision in mind, we developed these simple, high-quality, long-lasting, and affordable acrylic nail glue. FIXXIE nail glue brush on is the ultimate quicker glue for false nails. PRODUCT FEATURES: Our quick drying and easy to apply nail glue for acrylic tips has great attributes such as high viscosity, low smell, good bonding strength, and air-sealed, making it perfect for the application of nail tips, wraps, and extensions, as well as repairing natural nails. It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to store and carry when travelling for business or vacation.HOW TO USE: Simply apply a small and even layer of nail glue for fake nails to an artificial tip or glue-on nail, then press and hold for 5 seconds. Apply elegant touch nail glue on your nails and the back of the rhinestone to decorate your nails with rhinestones. To repair a broken or torn nail, apply extra strong nail glue to the affected area, hold the repair in place with tweezers for 5 seconds, and you are good to go.Please note that we are actively upgrading our product packaging, so packaging may differ in future but the product inside remains the same great!
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  • Size 15 Gram X 1 Bottle, 2 Gram X 10 Bottles

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